WXPI Community Radio broadcasts a variety of nationally syndicated and locally originated radio programs online and on the airwaves at 88.5 FM in Lycoming County Pennsylvania reaching the cities of Williamsport, Jersey Shore and surrounding areas.

Check out the Program Schedule online for current showtimes.

Original Shows

The original radio programs are produced locally by volunteers of WXPI Community Radio.


If you live in the local community and are interested in hosting your own radio program, or are curious about joining an existing radio program, please contact the WXPI Community Radio Station about becoming a volunteer!

Syndicated Shows

The majority of our syndicated programs are offered by Pacifica Radio.


If you have opinions about a radio program airing on WXPI or are interested in hearing a new syndicated radio program you think we should be rebroadcasting, please direct your feedback  to the WXPI Community Radio Station.  Thanks for listening!