Make The Tower Louder

Make The Tower Louder

WXPI Community Radio is working to Make The Tower Louder by holding a capital campaign to raise funds necessary to erect a new radio tower that will upgrade our broadcast and increase our FM signal reach within Lycoming county.  This engineering project is a unique community service venture that needs the support of our generous local community grant-giving foundations, businesses and individuals to raise a new tower.  If you're interested in funding this one-time capital expenditure as a service to your community, please make a pledge or donate to become a sponsor today!  All donations are tax deductible!

Currently, the goal for this capital expenditure is $35,000.

If you'd like to Make The Tower Louder and sponsor this capital project to raise new FM radio tower for your community, you can make a pledge or donate by using the "donate" or "subscription" buttons found online at, or mail a check to WXPI Community Radio 1307 Park Ave. Williamsport, PA Box #1.  All donations are tax-deductible!

We are very passionate about providing a local community radio station for the people of Lycoming county and we welcome your help!

Thank you for supporting WXPI Community Radio!