An Exquisite Life Radio Show Launching

Guess who is coming to WXPI!  Tonya Anderson will launch her radio show, An Exquisite Life, discussing all things exquisite in the world, mindfulness, our sacred lives, and facilitating guided meditations designed for you! Perfect for beginners learning to meditate or experienced meditators. Tonya Anderson - An Exquisite Life Anderson is a writer, sacred therapist, and inspirational speaker. She has experience working with veterans, politicians, law enforcement officers, and trauma victims. Her expertise is drawn from her life experience, clinical mental health counseling education, and spiritual teachings. She assists her clients in navigating their stress symptoms to create healthier, more balanced lives and relationships. Her philosophy is that a person can overcome stress/trauma in a natural, holistic way, respecting all support systems in place or creating new ones. She has been working with clients with PTSD since 2002, shortly after 9/11. She takes her clients from stress/post-trauma to a state beyond resiliency in a peaceful, gentle way through her counseling and consultations. She uses a gentle therapy approach to allow her clients' natural healing instincts to be restored and renewed. Fine-tuning their internal guidance then leads them to their exquisite lives. Anderson is the author of ONE MORE DAY, her memoir of renewing love, joy, and passion. She spoke about the future of 21st Century Communities at the 2019 TEDx Williamsport, THE POWER OF ONE Listen to An Exquisite Life on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. and repeat later that evening at 7 p.m.

Author: Tonya Anderson

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