The Old Time Music Hour hosted by Bill Smedley

The Old Time Music Hour hosted by Bill Smedley

Welcome to Bill Smedley's Old Time Music Hour, live and on-the-air at WXPI Community Radio 88.5 FM every Monday thru Saturday at 1pm, as well as weekly on fellow station WSOV Milheim 107.1 FM.

Go to the archives link and stream this week's show and past shows as well. The program is hosted by Bill Smedley from Jersey Shore PA, a member of the Gnarled Knuckles String Band, alongside his wife Vickie, and has played the 5-string banjo and studied Old Time Music for over 36 years. He has studied with some of the masters of the Old Time Banjo including, Tommy Thompson, Mac Benford, Richie Stearns and Riley Baugus. His knowledge of the history of the music along with his passion for collecting, recording and playing rare tunes combines to make the Old Time Music Hour a very special program on WXPI and WSOV.

On the Old Time Music Hour you will hear classic old tunes, new tunes, ballads and even a waltz by famous and upcoming musicians with various styles of playing. Bill’s calming voice combined with his mix of old tunes and historical background, along with his collection of recordings, gives a unique flavor to the program that may not be heard anywhere else. We hope you enjoy this weekly program on WXPI!

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