*Debut Episode* Increased Capacity Episode 1 – May 1, 2017

[embed]http://turri.me/Data/IncreasedCapacity_EP_1_FULL.mp3[/embed]   The debut episode of Increased Capacity is here. We hope you enjoy listening to us talk about things we find to be beautiful, truthful, and good. In this episode we talk about everything from the Twilight Zone, to Jazz improvisation, to beavers herding cows. Enjoy! Here are links to our three picks: Jesse’s Beauty pick Jesse’s Truth pick Jesse’s Goodness pick Dan’s Beauty pick Dan’s Truth pick Dan’s Goodness pick Join the conversation! Get in touch with us: Jesse's personal site, Twitter, Instagram Dan on Facebook
Jesse Turri

Author: Jesse Turri

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    Finally took an opportunity to listen – and feel the time spent was well invested!

    I really like the Whitehead quote on evolution. I’m wondering if it can be applied without considering humans at the apogee, a view that is not anthropocentric, without understanding evolution as something moving toward a climax or an omega point (Tielhard de Chardin?) ?

    I feel there is a lot of truth in Rob Bell’s description of fundamentalism. I see the effects of being raised as a fundamentalist in my own life and I still find it very difficult at times to find that view that is neither black and white but not all gray either.

    And finally, Terri’s pick for the Good brings me back to my first question, if we consider the earth to be filled with other subjects who are inferior to us, won’t we continue to try to control and dominate those subjects rather than being in a relationship of partnering?

    Looking forward to listening to more!

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    • Jesse Turri

      Don! Good to hear form you. And thank you for listening 🙂

      To your remark about Whitehead’s evolution quote, I hear what you’re saying and I agree that I should clarify in greater detail so that people don’t get any anthropocentric vibes. Whitehead’s definition is more consciousness-centric than anything, and as we both know from studying Whitehead, consciousness is not just a human quality for Whitehead, human consciousness is just a small, highly developed form of experience, which is the fundamental element of all things. And as far as evolution having directionality and a destination, I am decently comfortable talking about evolution as having a messy, non-linear, but nonetheless “vertical trajectory,” like a sprawling bush or root system. Destination talk with regard to evolution (like Chardin’s Omega Point) I am less comfortable with. The farthest I go is pretty much where Whitehead goes: the “purpose” of evolution/life is to realize greater and greater levels of intense experience. John Cobb says it well here, “We aim, he thought, at intensity of experience. Subjectivity is a greater value when it is more intense. This would explain why an experience that takes account of more dimensions of what is going on, the bad as well as the good, is of greater value than the one that achieves contentment by shutting off possible awareness.”

      Thanks again for the thoughts, Don, and thanks for listening!

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