Thank you so much for your generous donation to WXPI Community Radio!

WXPI Community Radio is a program of The Williamsport Independent Media, Inc. a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, so all donations are tax-deductible!

WXPI is run by the generosity of volunteers and donors. All donations will primarily go toward paying the basic operating expenses of running the WXPI Community Radio station, which are currently $600 a month, $7,200 a year, and any gifts or grants given above and beyond that figure will be contributed to the capital campaign fund for raising a new radio tower.

WXPI 88.5 FM broadcasts on-the-air to Lycoming and Clinton counties from the transmitter located in Jersey Shore, PA reaching parts of Williamsport and the surrounding areas, as well as online at

By your support, our volunteers can continue to provide original radio programming to the local community, as a well as any syndicated programs that cover issues relevant to our community.

If you live in our local community, and you'd like to become involved as a volunteer broadcaster, please contact us!

If you're a local or regional musician who'd like to have your original music played on the radio, please send us your recordings!


For years, we've been working to "Make The Tower Louder" by researching and developing engineering data, equipment lists and site locations to address the specific concerns of raising a new community radio tower by FCC standards. We've even pursued local grant opportunities for capital funding multiple times, but have yet to succeed. Hopefully, with our renewed volunteer efforts, updated plans, and community support from our listeners, all that will change for the better!

Stay tuned for news about our renewed capital campaign efforts!

Thank you for listening and send us your feedback!

"It's Your Radio, My Radio, Independent Radio for Open Minds!"

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