Bibliophile: Building Community, One Heart at a Time with Wendy Dean

By Robin Van Auken The Wholehearted Author Wendy Butler Dean is the owner of The Omnibus Publishing, a boutique publishing company that specializes in children’s books, Young Adult novels, and some non-fiction. The Omnibus PublishingThe Omnibus is a hybrid company, combining a unique blend of older, traditional book publishing and new, digital publishing. She produces ebooks and print on demand paperbacks. Wendy’s a savvy publisher and knows how to harness the power of building a community. Many of her authors are people she has connections with, either through her academic background, or through their proximity. As a Baltimore, MD-based publisher, she’s encouraged Maryland authors to embark on publishing careers. She works with freelance illustrators from around the world, and they not only create books with The Omnibus, but they illustrate posters. Wendy’s embraced the technology of the 21st century, and uses a variety of tools in the acquisition, publication, and promotion of books. She’s active on social media, and she has flair with her striking videos and photographs. These are skills she’s taught herself, as well as the techniques of traditional marketing. The result is fresh and friendly and fun. As a result, she’s also got a few Amazon bestsellers under her belt now, as a publisher. [caption id="attachment_15670" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Omnibus Publishing Wendy and her biggest fan -- her father, Jimmy Butler[/caption] She works with authors and illustrators with a team mentality. This may harken back to her background is sports. She earned an M.Ed. in Exercise physiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and spent her undergraduate years at VCU in her hometown of Richmond, Va. She also worked as an assistant athletic trainer at Mississippi State University, and as an instructor at Towson University in Maryland. She’s the mother of three energetic and creative, children, and it was her desire to find, and read, quality books to her children that led her to become a publisher. According to Wendy, you can only read “Goodnight Moon” so many times before you need a new book. This made me laugh because “Goodnight Moon” was my daughter’s favorite book as a child, and the one she learned how to read by herself. I wondered how many times I had read that book aloud before my daughter, Sarah, was able to read it herself. Wendy’s mission is to create timeless books, like “Goodnight Moon,” books that people want to read over, and over, and over again. Many timeless books, so children (and parents who read to them) will have more and better choices. We can learn a lot about creating works for those we love from Wendy. She developed her business because she wanted to be a part of her children’s literary world, and she’s accomplished that many times over. Not only that, but her children now help with the business, as beta readers and helping with sales at book festivals. You can learn more about Wendy and The Omnibus Publishing company on her website. Check out her social media accounts, as well.  

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