Bibliophile: Talking About ‘Life Changes’

Episode 1 of Bibliophile, a podcast by author Robin Van Auken, features an interview with Diane Langley, the author of “Life Changes,” a small book with enormous wisdom.

Diane Langley is the author of “Life Changes…” a small book with enormous wisdom.

Diane has been the principal of Langley Communications Corporation since 1995. She educates individuals, groups and companies on communication and transition challenges through reflective, interactive engagement. This includes more sensitive work with those experiencing loss and trauma.

In 2013, at the encouragement of friends, Diane compiled a series of newspaper columns she wrote into a book, “Life Changes…” Her mission is to help readers on their “healing path when life takes a curious change.”

Chapters focus on different messages, and although it is meant to be read chronologically, readers can start from any point, if the topic resonates.

Life Changes… on Diane’s AMAZON page

Quite often, people don’t know what to say when challenged in a time of transition. They lose their voice. They yearn to have a conversation with someone they trust. We know that life events and relationships can become very complicated, and pain can last for years. It’s a vulnerable place to experience. “Life Changes…” focuses on assisting in the healing process. The book is composed of 30 short chapters on various life transitions. “Life Changes…” validates the reader in a personal, conversational style and is inspirational in nature.


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